For exploration and creation of the prismatic spaces, hues, and textures of migration.

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Migration is a dynamic process. It moves and morphs, slips and slides, ebbs and flows. The M2Lab seeks innovative ways to capture, record, express, or imagine this movement in the context of wider social and cultural practices. Browse projects to explore stories, photos, videos, and writing from the unique perspectives of our contributors.

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The Connection Between Migration and Media

M2Lab is a new initiative designed to engage thinkers, writers, media-makers and the broader community to open up fresh pathways of creativity and dialogue about migration. It harnesses the power of storytelling in all its forms to explore the crafting of the experimental life, the communicative life, the connected life. Using the prism as a guiding metaphor, M2Lab focuses on the processes, and the conditions, of alternative world-building. The prism sits at the intersection of science, art, philosophy, design, and communication. As such, it is emblematic of the unexpected patterns and illuminations we seek to cultivate through the possibilities opened up by contemporary media.

Our projects participate, directly or obliquely, in the larger cultural conversations about immigration, belonging, identity, culture, and citizenship. They explore geographies of difference through the ethic of interactivity inherent in stories. In medias res, migration as story throws us into the middle of things, the place from which a medium starts to operate. Clearing a space, setting up shop, inviting the guests, stories are always a means to other stories. By tapping into the enabling power of stories, we hope to build, over time, models and prototypes of the prismatic consciousness.






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