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Founded in 2018, the Media+Migration Lab (M2Lab) is an initiative designed to engage thinkers, writers, media-makers and the broader community to open up fresh pathways of creativity and dialogue about migration. Housed in the School of Media Studies at The New School in New York City, the M2Lab has its beginnings in its ongoing foundational project, Migration Mapping, launched in 2016 as a living digital archive for media and migration.


Using the prism as a guiding metaphor, M2Lab focuses on the processes and conditions of alternative world-building. Our multimedia projects participate, directly or obliquely, in the larger cultural conversations about immigration, belonging, identity, culture, and citizenship. They explore geographies of difference through the ethic of interactivity inherent in stories. By tapping into the enabling power of stories, we hope to build, over time, models and prototypes of the prismatic consciousness.


To learn more or contribute to the M2Lab, please check out our Submissions page or reach out to us through our contact details below.


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