Amy Mullenex

Amy Mullenex is a multimedia artist and writer whose work examines identity, memory, and embodiment through a blend of theatrical, cinematic, and visual techniques. Amy’s research interests primarily lie in investigating the capacities of “media” and “mapping” as tools of restorative justice, most especially in regard to how media and political infrastructures materially affect processes of migration and identity formation for migrants and refugees. 

A current Media Studies MA student, Amy’s academic work has been in documentary film, emerging media applications, and transmedia storytelling. She has developed skills in web-based interactive tools and augmented reality software, and is also a keen thinker interested in critical media theory. Her strength lies in combining analytical work with media production, archival research with emerging technologies.

During the Sinha fellowship year, Amy will use her multiple talents to develop new insights into Migration Mapping as a critical concept relevant to our new realities, media and otherwise. Through archival, imaginative, and conceptual means she will explore the calibrations and intersections of migration, mapping, media, and self-concept.